Mallory Ottaviano

Mallory Ottaviano of Kind Apparel

Mallory Ottaviano launched her Etsy store  the day of her college graduation.  Although she had just completed a degree in architectural design, she jumped right into selling and producing her own clothing line.  She was inspired by all seeing so many other successful clothing companies on Etsy and wanted to try it herself.  After all, she had grown up sewing and making her own clothes.  Now – a few years later, Mallory’s line, Kind Apparel, active apparel made from recycled and remnant fabrics is sold in several stores around the country as well as in her successful online store.

Visit the Kind Apparel web site.

Mallory Ottaviano,
Kind Apparel

“If you are completely in love with what you are doing, that will be enough fuel to get you through the difficult times.”

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