Camryn Forrest Lewis,
Camryn Forrest Designs

“I was terrified people would think our products were strange and silly but instead we won ‘Fan Favorite – Best in Show.’”

Mallory Ottaviano,
Kind Apparel

“If you are completely in love with what you are doing, that will be enough fuel to get you through the difficult times.”

Stacie Bloomfield,

“I don’t believe that I would have the career I have today, if I weren’t in the right place at the right time, when all these new ways to sell and reach an audience directly were exploding.“

Tim Maides,
Benson Soap Mill

“No one just wakes up and knows business. There is no cheat sheet. You just learn as you go and you’re going to make mistakes.”

Alicia Reisinger,
Wax Buffalo

“A Hollywood promoter who got our candles as a gift and really liked them, asked if we could send some to BEYONCE. Um… Yes. Yes we can!”

Joshua Smith,
The Green Beetle Shop

“Story is very important. You have to have a mission and a passion for what you do. Letting people be a part of that story through social media is very crucial in today’s market for any product, especially handmade products.”

Megan Goldkamp,
Megan Goldkamp Jewelry

Most people would never think –  “I wish I could put this writing on my jewelry,”  but when they see it they think – “oh my gosh – it’s the perfect gift!”

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